Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ceramic bell making video, Glazing and firing them, by Barbara Dunshee

Another segment of my ceramic bell making videos. "Part 5" was originally to be about stringing together the parts of the bells I'd made in previous videos. But after glazing and firing them I realized there needed to be a video about that glazing and firing, so this is the alternative "Part 5".

Part 1 through 4 can be found archived on this blog.
Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 all deal with creating the outer bell shape.

Part 4s
making the clappers.


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

This is great! Love your bells!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Those are so cool! Great video. Great idea on the stands for the bells. Please make another video so we can see how the bells went together :)

Mary Sullivan said...

Love the idea of how you suspended the bells. Aren't potters the greatest at improvisation? thanks for the series, very interesting.

Winifred Wright said...

Barb, I do have one question regarding the clappers. Once you mixed them with the AH suspended in water, did you leave them in the bowl to get fired or did you spread them out onto the kiln shelf?

If they were left in the bowl, it was more like a salad dressing than a soup, right?

If I were making the bells and clappers out of unglazed stoneware clay, I wouldn't need to go through that process with the AH, correct?

Thanks for your help! Sorry if these are elementary questions.