Monday, September 21, 2009

Ceramic bell handbuilding video, Part 2 of 5, Adding texture, by Barbara Dunshee

This video snippet is a continuation of my ceramic bell making lesson. In this "Part 2" I add texture before rolling into a cone. Next Tuesday I'll post the stretching and shaping video.
The outer bell shaping lesson can already be seen on this blog in my still photos bell lesson if you can't wait for the video bits!

Enjoy this one and stay tuned for the rest!


Pam McFadyen said...

Hi Barb,

I hope you don't mind but I have been sending some of my students to look at your new videos. They found them very interesting as they are moving into their first clay unit in grade 9. I'll share their work once they are finished :)

Barbara Dunshee said...

Pam, that pleases me very much. I'd love to get feedback about its "followability"!

Morrigae said...

i plan to come back and really absorb this. very interesting demo. i will recommend it to the mgr at the studio i use as they do a demo for non mudders once a week and this wd be perfect.


Barbara Dunshee said...

Morrigae, what a great compliment, thank you!