Sunday, March 11, 2012

Students' pottery from 3/10/12 kiln load

A sampling of students' of Barbara Dunshee! I'm currently registering for my Spring session of pottery classes! Visit Barbara Dunshee Ceramics for info and registration.

Teapot and bowls by Ming.
Hanging planters by Erica D.
Bowls and Planter by Jill F.
Vessel by Kinsey V.
Lug cup by Trevor
Tea cups by Megan H.
Cup and bowl by Jan W.
bowl dish by Korin
Vase and Vessels by Korin
Lemon squeezers by Amy A.
Teapot by Maggie
Pinch Vessel by John G.

Vase and bowl by Kim Z.

Vessels by Norma

Lidded Vessel and bud vase by Julie G.

Cups and lidded vessel by Colleen
Vessels by Melissa
Wall hanger by Meli
Single fired porcelain cups by Trevor
Plates by Jan
Sculpture by Meli
Teapots by Ming

A few of the many many mugs by Melissa!

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