Thursday, June 10, 2010

Current Students Pit Fire RSVP here!!

"Vote" here for the Pit Fire.
Indicate, via "comments", your preferred night.
either Monday, June 21st
or Tuesday, June 22nd
or Wednesday, June 23rd

Whichever night would be 6:30-9:30pm.

Again, the DEFAULT is that we hold the last week just as originally planned, without pit fire.


Claire said...

I vote for Tuesday.

Julie said...

I can only do Monday night. OK with you doing another long as I can pick up my pots at the studio!

Barbara Dunshee said...

FROM EMAIL RSVPs thus far:

E.W. -ANY night (Mon-Wed)

C.B. -Wednesday night

Leah said...


marquez said...

Sioban can't make it Wednesday but Monday or Tuesday works for me!

Barbara Dunshee said...

Weather-wise, Monday the 21st, THUS FAR, is looking best. I'll keep an eye on the reports.